Our Student Testimonials

I discovered Mick Lawrence quite by chance as I was nearing the end of my advanced practitioner course. I decided to visit the school first and learn more about Mick’s teaching methods before embarking on the next stage of my journey.
The first thing that struck me was the venue: An inviting, bright, comfortable classroom environment and treatment room setup that provides the student with the necessary tools and motivation to learn. Then add the accelerated learning techniques Mick uses to enhance the student experience and thus our ability to assimilate new information and consolidate through practice. Of course his sense of humour, stories and anecdotes are an ingredient that is unique to Mick which cements it all together.
I am now half way through my Diploma which has essentially been a repeat of my practitioner course. I am amazed at how much more I have learnt already.
The course content is much richer and has depth. I am getting faster results with clients and have been inspired to also teach SK alongside my practice. Looking forward to the next six months with SKTT with anticipation and hunger for more knowledge and techniques to help my clients.
If you are looking for the next step in your journey after the foundation course then I highly recommend you visit Mick for a chat.

For those who are considering the SK Foundation course then I can vouch for SKTT as my first choice.

Rani2016 SKTT Diploma Student

I became one of Mick’s students in September 2016 to study the Diploma course in Systematic Kinesiology.  I instantly warmed to his relaxed approach, sense of humour and openness to answering questions.  As the course modules progressed I also saw how experienced and knowledgeable he is and as such an extremely effective Practitioner and teacher.
Since learning Kinesiology I have come to realise and appreciate how important it is for good health to restore and maintain a sense of balance in the body and mind; this includes emotional balance.  Emotions become trapped in the body in a physical sense and Mick’s ability to sensitively and effectively undo their negative effects is inspirational.
Mick runs his courses from a studio at his home.  There are tables to sit at (rather than struggling with books and notes on my lap) and therapy tables for practicing the techniques being learned. The environment is light and modern.
If you are reading this wondering to take one of his courses, then I hope my recommendation would urge you to do so.  If you need to know more, just contact him, he is very approachable.

SueSKTT Diploma student, April 2017

I always looked forward to the Diploma modules weekends, as I felt I always came away with another valuable gem, in the way of a technique or insight, that I could use on my clients/family/friends. I particularly liked the fact that Mick had a vast experience with other alternative health techniques, so he could share his knowledge on those too. Another important aspect of the Diploma course was the use of a large range of Test Kits/Vials and introduction to different suppliers of supplements, Homeopathy, Essences and herbs. I could do it all over again and still learn something new each weekend!

Diploma student 2016/2017

I currently have four more modules to do on the Diploma course and eagerly look forward to them. I continue to be astounded at the techniques being taught and their amazing impact on prompting the body to be able to right itself. Mick’s relaxed style of teaching and his training environment are very comfortable to work with/in; he is excellent at explaining and answering questions and has enormous knowledge and experience that is generously shared. I love Kinesiology more every day. Thank you Mick.

Diploma student 2016/2017

Kinesiology is absolutely fascinating and once I started on the Foundation I was absolutely hooked. The course is jam packed with tonnes of information and you will be able to start helping people after day one. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am excited about my journey as a kinesiologist.

Diploma student 2016/2017

Love the course looking forward to more

Diploma student 2016/2017