News on SKTT Systematic Kinesiology Courses


New dates for Systematic Kinesiology Foundation course in London this summer

We are have just released the dates of our new London based SAK Foundation course starting in July.  This is a special condensed course, taught intensively over 5 weekends instead of 6.

We are also combining this course with our ‘Training Teacher’ course for qualified pracititioners who wish to learn how to teach our Foundation courses.

For any students wishing to start their Kinesiology journey with us, or would like to learn more about our ‘Training Teacher’ Course please contact us


Kinesiology Preview Evening

Like to learn new things?

Aspiring natural health therapist?

Already a therapist?

Kinesiology is the perfect addition to your skills.

Our tutor Sue Southern is starting the Oxfordshire Foundation Course in Systematic Kinesiology on the weekend of 22/23rd September 2018. As you will see from the details the wealth of exciting learning runs for one weekend a month for six months.

This preview evening is amazing in its own right but if you are considering signing-up for the course it will give you a taster of what is to come. Bring a friend or family member to learn some fascinating information and to enjoy a cuppa in good company. Sue will show you how muscle testing is used for things such as:-

• Basic food sensitivity testing and nutritional testing to find vitamin and mineral needs
• How to reduce stress
• Cross-Crawl for coordination, left/right brain integration, memory and helping lymph flow
• Improve reading, writing, understanding and creativity
• Clearing limiting self-talk and raising self-esteem
• More about what the Foundation course will cover

It will be an interesting and informative time learning about something new. Even if you don’t feel ready for the course at this time you are welcome to go along – there will be no pressure to sign-up for the training.

Wednesday 25th July 2018 7:00 – 9.30 pm
At Chilton Village Hall (OX11) with free parking outside
Just £10 per person




Foundation Members

For any members who have their Foundation Certificate and are interested to start their Diploma course in September 2018, they can repeat the Foundation free of charge.

For students wo wish to repeat the Foundation course only we are exclusively offering this course for £600 – half its usual price!

The foundation will be a compressed 5 weekend course starting on 30th June 2018 at our SKTT Teaching Studio, London.

Interested in a Diploma Course?

We are starting our next full Systematic Kinesiology Diploma course (SAK) on 8th September 2018. This year we are  including a free weekend of NLP/Communication skills and emotional work making 13 weekends altogether. Total investment £2,975

Certificate Members

If you already have a Certificate then theoretically you only need to do the last 6 modules. SKTT are offering to update Certificate members to Diploma for half price £1,500 PLUS you can repeat all 13 modules. An amazing offer!!

Diploma Members

Are you interested in teaching Kinesiology? For any Diploma members that would like to attend our ‘Trainer Training’ Certificate course starting 30th June for 5 weekends, the full price of this course is £1,200.

If you bring 2 Foundation students* to attend the course with you it is completely FREE for you to attend, if you bring 1 student the course will be half price (£600)

*Students will pay full price for the Foundation course (£1,200)


UPDATE on our SKTT Foundation Course in Oxfordshire

Our Foundation Tutor Sue Southern  has just confirmed new dates for her SKTT Systematic Kinesiology Foundation course starting in September. Taught over six weekends each module will give you everything you need to start your kinesiology learning journey!

Click here to see the course dates in Chilton with Sue.