We teach the The School of Advanced Kinesiology (SAK) Diploma Syllabus. It is accredited by The Kinesiology Association (KA) and is a modular diploma course, taught over 13 weekends.

Modules 1 & 2

Self help and communication skills, Releasing past and present emotional injuries and past traumas. Revision and consolidation of techniques from the Foundation course. Psychological reversal, advanced fears and phobias, increasing self esteem and self awareness, affirmations, emotionally reactive memories, eye rotations, temporal tap, frozen muscles, centring, gait balancing, goal balancing, helping emotional stress, addictions and anxiety. Brain integration, learning difficulties and introduction to cranial faults, exercises for the eyes. Injury recall technique. Vibrational medicine, Chakras, spondylogenic reflex to the diaphragm, Starting your own Kinesiology practice, self awareness, client awareness. Public speaking.

Modules 3 & 4

Stress and how it affects our whole system, General adaptation syndrome, Endocrine System: Hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, Ring of Fire and DHEA levels. Gastrointestinal tract, leaky gut, gut dysregulation, low stomach acid, sub-clinical Hiatal Hernia, Ileo-caecal Valve, ileo brake challenge and gastric colic reflex.

Modules 5 & 6

Fluctuating Blood Sugar, Glycaemic index, Syndrome X and Carbohydrate intolerance tests. Liver detoxification and cleansing. Essential fatty acids, Free radicals and antioxidants. Inflammation. Thymus gland and the Immune System, understanding food sensitivities, 30 second allergy treatment, histamine and kinin related sensitivities, retrograde lymphatic technique, blood chemistry balancing, Dural Torque, atlas correction. Heavy Metal toxicity.

Modules 7 & 8

Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction, Lovett Brother relationship, vertebral fixations and subluxations, low back pain and Emotional backache technique, medial & lateral thigh massage, ligament Interlink. Sphenobasilar Compression Cranial Fault. Treatment for scars, shock absorbers, strain counter strain and spray and stretch. Balancing Sympathetic and Parasympathetic ANS. Cerebellum faults.

Modules 9 & 10

Vibrational Medicine. Chakras, Auras and aura leak testing, Higher Vehicles, crystals, colour, music, Bach flowers, homeopathic remedies, lasers, magnetic energies, meridian associations, acupressure, review of the 5 elements. Ionisation, pre-stressing. The Heart, acid /alkaline balance . Postural analysis, introduction to the Alexander technique, aerobic and anaerobic muscle testing, PiLUS, , cervical disc compression, uterine lift technique and functional short leg, walking gait, anatomical short leg, neck, shoulder, wrist, knee problems, common reactive muscle pairs, Carpel Tunnel syndrome.

Modules 11 & 12

PRYT, hidden L5 / S1 fixation, spinal torque, structural and positional emotional stress release, pelvic faults, back Categories I, II & III, More than 20 Cranial faults. Review of Diploma techniques.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Weekend

More information to come.