What is the Kinesiology Diploma?

Our governing body The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) outlines several accredited training paths in order to fulfill the criteria to become a fully qualified Systematic Kinesiologist.

We use the School of Advanced Kinesiology syllabus (SAK), and offer the full Systematic Kinesiology Diploma to our students.  This will enable our students to use the accredited Diplomate Status after their name once they have completed their course with us*.

Our course complies with and exceeds the National Occupation Standards (NOS) for Kinesiology (outlined by ASK).

[*ASK stipulates that Students who have successfully completed a diploma course but have not yet completed the anatomy and physiology course and/or the nutrition course and/or the first aid course are qualified to use the title Certificate of Advanced Systematic Kinesiology. (Cert.ASK)]

Prerequisite for study for non qualified students: Foundation course level I – VI

Qualified Systematic Kinesiologists

Our diploma is open to qualified professional Kinesiologists as an opportunity to gain Continual Professional Training (CPD),  students can join our classes for any module. Please check our course dates or contact us for more information.



What we offer our students
  • A professionally accredited course syllabus (School of Advanced Kinesiology)
  • Taught by fully qualified and experienced Kinesiology practitioners
  • Using cutting edge accelerated learning techniques
  • Taught over 12 weekends (Students starting on 2018/19 course will have an additional module)
  • Giving our students an accredited professional Diploma qualification to practice Kinesiology
What we ask from our students
  • Course attendance: students will have to complete all modules if completing the diploma in order to receive their certification.
  • Written assignments: Students completing the full diploma are required to submit X case studies each month, this is an integral part of assessing student progress; students will not receive their full certification if all case studies are not completed. There will be opportunities in class (time permitting) to workshop case studies with other students.
  • Punctuality: It is our responsibility to start each class on time, to ensure that we cover all of the course content in the time allotted. Please respect us and your fellow classmates by ensuring you are on time, and advise us if you are going to be late.