How much does it cost to study the SKTT Diploma?

To complete our full 12 weekend SKTT SAK diploma course the cost is  £2975.00*

However, we are now adding an additional weekend to the course for FREE! 13 weekends for the price of 12!

This additional weekend will cover in more detail Emotions & communication skills PLUS Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

*All course books are included in this cost.

Are you already a Kinesiology practitioner?

If you have already completed an accredited Kinesiology Practitioner course (recognised and accredited by The Association of Systematic Kinesiology) and are a Certificate level Kinesiology practitioner you will only need to complete Diploma modules 7-13 to reach Diploma status, the cost of the SKTT SAK Diploma for Certificate practitioners is £1500.00.

SKTT  welcome these students to attend other module weekends as a refresher course with our compliments.

For those practitioners interested in completing continuing professional development hours  you are able to attend individual weekend modules, the price is only £250.00 for the entire weekend – including your handbook!